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Sale of ‘Isis’ flags lands firm in trouble in Singapore

Sale of ‘Isis’ flags lands firm in trouble in Singapore

Singapore’s Today Online reported that Albenyahya Enterprise, a firm registered on the island as well as Malaysia, has filed a police report against those accusing it of extremism.

“We are currently not selling the flags any more, it was just a one-off thing due to customer requests,” Albenyahya’s owner, Syed Mohammad Faisal BenYahya, told the daily yesterday.

Faisal, in a posting on the company’s Facebook page, which has since been removed, had pleaded for customers’ understanding on the matter, denying that he supported terrorism.

“Upon legal advice, to protect my name, my family and my business, I have made a police report with regard to this incident,” Today Online quoted him as saying.

The daily also said an Instagram post by the company three weeks ago showed the products were in stock and priced at S$17 (RM43) each.

The republic’s Islamic Religious Council or Muis was quoted as saying that sermons on the danger of Isis were delivered during Friday prayers in Singaporean mosques.

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs also reminded the public to ensure their family and friends were not influenced by extremist ideas.

“Isis has enlisted foreign fighters, including those from our region, to fight alongside the group and this has raised the threat of terrorism to Singapore. The authorities are monitoring the situation closely,” a ministry official was quoted as saying.

It was reported earlier that Isis, which is active in Syria and Iraq, had recruited scores of Malaysians and Singaporeans among its thousands of foreign fighters. – September 4, 2014.


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