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NGO takes students on copter ride

Six students from SJK(T) Simpang Lima, Klang got a helicopter ride of a lifetime thanks to the Lodge Darul Ehsan, Tamil Nesan reported.

The students were among children from underprivileged families who got the helicopter tour over parts of Selangor.

The non-governmental organisation also sponsored Christmas gifts and lunch for the children.

The school’s headmaster R. Chandran, who brought the students to the helicopter take-off point, said they were thankful for the opportunity.

Tamil Nesan also reported that a restaurant in New Delhi, India is offering a 100,000 rupees (RM6,367.72) reward to anyone who can finish three parotta, a south-Indian breakfast bread, each weighing 2kg in 50 minutes.

Customers who win the challenge will also receive free parotta for life at the shop.

But those who fail will have to pay 200 rupees (RM12.70) for each of the three parotta.

Many had attempted the challenge but only two, a man and a woman, had succeeded so far.

Maharaj Singh reportedly managed to eat four of the massive bread to the astonishment of everyone.–


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