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3 Malaysian acts of heroism we should applaud

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes have the typical superpowers you see in comic books or movies these days. In reality, an everyday hero could be your parents, your colleagues or even a kind stranger on the street.

Like every other year, 2017 has had its ups and downs. Despite the struggles, Malaysians have risen above them and come together to support each other and help the community through it all.

Here are several inspiring stories of heroes from 2017 who have helped the community.

Rescuing the strays


Rescuers like Faye Wong (left) and Chan Yoke Kin go the extra mile to save the strays of Malaysia.

Stray animals are often seen roaming through streets and neighbourhoods. Several kind samaritans take on the duty of caring for these strays in their own time and using their own resources.

Championing cleanliness


Anizam Samsuddin is one of several Malaysians recognised for his efforts to keep his neighbourhood clean.

Keeping your home clean can be a challenge, but keeping your neighbourhood clean is a whole different story. A clean neighbourhood is beneficial to everyone as it discourages pests like rats or mosquitoes from moving in.

Malaysian heroes like Anizam Samsuddin understand the importance of keeping the environment clean and have acted to keep it that way.

They have spent time to quietly clean up their neighbourhoods and educate their fellow neighbours on proper ways to keep their environment clean.

To read more about these group of individuals, click here.

Selfless, hands-on volunteering


The floods were devastating, but kind Malaysians came together to help the victims.

Just a few weeks ago, Penang was hit by terrible floods. When news of the flood spread, groups and individuals across Malaysia sought out ways to help the affected Penangites.

When Mujahidin Zulkiffli heard about the floods, he utilised Facebook to gather donations from his friends and followers. While the collection was spent on helping victims of the flood, Mujahidin also volunteered his time to help out.

He drove to Kampung Pisang in Ayer Hitam where he delivered foodstuff and helped to clean houses.

Similarly, Ernest Ong Kok Guan and his friends came together to quickly assemble an assortment of supplies and transportation to help victims of the flood.

The group loaded up two lorries with boats and supplies that they used to see to the needs of the victims.

To read more about Mujahidin’s and Ong’s story, click here and here.

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