Saturday , January 20 2018
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Jawku Speed is a new wearable for sprinters

Jawku has announced the launch of its new wearable JAWKU Speed, specially designed for sprinters to improve times and performance.

The company claims that the new tracker could replace the traditional stopwatch for runners thanks to its combination of the latest wearable technology and high quality tracking and timing.

Jawku reports that its devices have been tested over 10,000 times, by track and field athletes, NFL athletes, college athletes, and runners, and compared against everything from a basic stopwatch to professional timing system.

The result is an easy-to-use wearable sensor and wristband which syncs wirelessly to the Jawku app on an iOS device to measure and record sprint speed, agility and reaction time off the blocks.

Using the wrist device as Point A and your iOS device as Point B, Jawku starts recording when you start a drill and stops when you cross the “finish line” to give you your time.

The app also includes history tracking, reaction time assessments and newly added training content from Stack, the leading training authority for high school, college, and amateur athletes, making it suitable for sprinters at every level. — AFP Relaxnews/


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