Saturday , January 20 2018
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Step out in Snapchat’s dancing hotdog costume

Snap has turned Snapchat’s famous dancing hotdog filter into a life-sized costume, currently available from Amazon.

It’s now possible to step out dressed as Snapchat’s dancing hotdog, described by Snap as “the world’s first augmented reality superstar”. The two-piece polyester costume comprises a tunic top with sleeves and hands plus pants with shoe covers. Snap says it best fits people under 1.95m and over 14 years old.

Ideal for Halloween or parties, the costume sells for US$79.99 (RM337.98) on Amazon.

It is the second product to go on sale from the firm behind Snapchat, following the Snap Spectacles smart glasses, priced US$129.99 (RM549.25).–


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