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Celebrate with 11street ‘Gila-Gila Raya’ deals

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As Malaysians, there is nothing we love more than celebrating unity. One such celebration is Hari Raya, a benchmark of unity that truly brings all walks of life together under one nation.

Celebrated from east to west, Hari Raya almost always begins with balik kampung, model-esque attires, shopping and food!

This year, it is time to add a little flare to your Raya by trying some unconventional things. Here are some ways to add extra flavour to your Raya.

Shop for groceries online

The thought of glorious foods such as ketupat, rendang, kuih raya, dodol and many more is enough to make any Malaysian’s mouth water with excitement.

Often, Raya food is prepared traditionally with recipes handed down from one generation to the next. While recipes are often family secrets, it is a good idea for the family (especially the younger generations) to come together in the kitchen to prepare food for the family. While they do so, they bond and therefore strengthen family ties, amplifying the festive mood.

Another way of bonding in the kitchen is through the shopping for ingredients, and with today’s technology, one does not need to step into a supermarket or wet market to do so. 11street has an extensive list of fresh produce and grocery items for purchase!

For example, purchasing some Planta to bake Hari Raya cookies or Nestum to add that extra pizzazz to your dessert selection – can be made from home, in front of your screen.

At the end of the day, preparation for Hari Raya and spending time with family can be done easily and conveniently online.

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Grab your Balik Kampung gear

In the spirit of muhibbah, do something different this year by inviting a friend to your hometown, to celebrate Hari Raya the kampung way. Let your friend experience a truly traditional and first-hand view of how Malaysians celebrate Hari Raya, and enlighten him with the traditions of making dodol, rendang and serunding, and dress up in traditional garb.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book a flight, or plan that road trip. If you choose to drive, do not forget to check your oil levels, change those tyres and keep an emergency kit in your car just in case.

Head for an adventure

While balik kampung is a fundamental part of the celebration, why not try something a little more adventurous?

Spice up your holiday by going on an adventure. Why not go on a food trip to a neighbouring state? This presents the opportunity to try delicacies from a specific state and immerse yourself in the depths of Malaysian culture. To make things extra fun and interesting, bring the kampung with you!

Or how about enjoying a nice leisurely trip to Bali, Seoul, Beijing or to the Balkans, for a little down-time and that much needed rest and relaxation?

11street has a wide variety of dining choices and holiday packages, so it will be worthwhile to explore what is on offer.

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Celebrate Raya with 11 street

There are sweet Hari Raya deals with 11street’s ‘Gila-Gila Raya’ campaign, as it features partnerships with popular celebrity designers such as Remy Ishak, Amar Amran, MariBeli Butik for ready-to-wear and designer-made apparels; and consumer and lifestyle brands such as Firefly, F&N, L’Oreal, Nestle, Unilever and Samsung, to offer something for everyone this festive season.

Throughout this Hari Raya period, 11street consumers can enjoy credit cashback of up to 22% for every purchase, RM1 deals on selected items, and instant or free delivery during the ‘Gila-Gila Raya’ campaign, which ends on July 25.

Last but not least, from everyone here at 11street, we would like to wish everyone safe travels and Selamat Hari Raya!

Head to 11street here .

This article is brought to you by 11street. – THE STAR ONLINE

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