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Malaysian geologist, 84, discovered 14 new species of plant fossils

Minerals, fossils and rocks. Lots of rocks. Many would quickly assume that this is the preoccupation of a geologist. But Senathi Rajah Sinnathamby, one of Malaysia’s most senior and reputable ... Read More »

Cancer patient emphasises invaluable support of fellow survivors

Mahani Kassim didn’t think she needed a cancer support group to get her through her diagnosis or treatment. She was diagnosed in May last year with triple negative breast cancer (an aggressive form ... Read More »

Kate Winslet says Harvey Weinstein is nasty, rude and a bully

When Kate Winslet won the lead actress Oscar for The Reader in 2009, she thanked 19 people by name along with many others in general. She did not mention Harvey Weinstein, whose company ... Read More »

Homeless man loses everything but dog. Now folks want it taken away, too

Many people in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States are familiar with Alan Lord and his dog, Levi. They’re seen regularly at busy intersections across the city. Lord, 43, is ... Read More »

This foodie paradise we’re living in is killing us

When my elder sister was a child, her legs were so skinny that my uncle named her “Chopsticks”. All of us six children were slim, but my sister’s bony, spindly ... Read More »

Thai actress Aom filmed in a ‘Haunted Hotel’ in Malaysia… and lived to tell the tale

Thai actress Aom is sweeping China’s horror fans off their feet with her latest movie Haunted Hotel. The China/Malaysia/Thai joint-production is helmed by Malaysian auteur Ryon Lee (Seventh and The Transcend) and opens in ... Read More »

Singaporean woman becomes first foreign oiran festival star

The Shinagawa Shukuba Matsuri festival recently kicked off  around the Kyu-Tokaido street in Shinagawa Ward, where a Singaporean woman became the first foreign oiran festival star. The festival is held ... Read More »

C De Cartier has a Mini-Me

Vibrant, sophisticated and feminine – the original C de Cartier bag dazzled with an array of vibrant hues. Described as subtly sophisticated, the popular design was coveted for having some ... Read More »

Black tea offers health benefits

For the first time research has shown that like its green tea counterpart, black tea may also have weight loss and health giving benefits thanks to changing bacteria in the ... Read More »

Here’s the reason why you like to gossip, and why it’s OK

New research has unveiled some of the reasons why men and women gossip and suggests that the activity is actually good for us. Adam Davis of the University of Ottawa ... Read More »

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