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No jail for 80-year-old who threw coins at plane

Shanghai: An elderly passenger who threw coins at the engine of a plane at a Shanghai airport for good luck will not face police action, Chinese state media said. The ... Read More »

Engineer gets box of bullets as donation for relief drive

Manila: It was not the kind of help Mohaimen Mutalib had in mind when he initiated a relief operation for the displaced residents of his native Marawi City. Around 6pm ... Read More »

Darwin’s ‘strangest animal’ is still a mystery

PARIS: Charles Darwin, Mr. Evolution himself, didn’t know what to make of the fossils he saw in Patagonia so he sent them to his friend, the renowned paleontologist Richard Owen. ... Read More »

Stolen supercars on sale

Bangkok: Dozens of supercars including Lamborghinis, Porsches and BMWs have been stolen from the streets of Britain and shipped to Thailand in a complex scam that police from both countries ... Read More »

Two Bali jail escapees recaptured, Malaysian’s whereabouts unknown

DILI: Police in Timor Leste on Thursday captured two foreign inmates who escaped from a prison on the Indonesian island of Bali this week by crawling through a tunnel under ... Read More »

Man stopped on Thai border with orangutans, tortoises, raccoons

Bangkok (AFP) – Thai wildlife officers have arrested a Malaysian man attempting to smuggle two baby orangutans, 51 tortoises and six raccoons into the kingdom across its southern border, officials ... Read More »

The battle to save Mumbai’s art deco buildings

Atul Kumar pointed to the pictures on the screen in front of him. “Look,” he said, his excitement rising, “Look at the grill work, look at the brass lamps!” Swiping ... Read More »

How to measure a mountain: Everest height called into question

Did Mount Everest shrink after Nepal’s massive 2015 earthquake? Has it lost a few meters of snow cover due to global warming? Is it getting taller due to shifting continental ... Read More »

Breast, prostate cancers rising sharply in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Over the past 40 years, the incidence of breast cancer here has more than doubled, from 25 to 65 per 100,000 women. Over the same period, prostate cancer has ... Read More »

Ford to move US production of Focus to China

Ford is to move US production of its new Ford Focus car to China in 2019, despite having faced pressure to keep manufacturing jobs in America. The carmaker said the ... Read More »

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