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Tesla fired hundreds of employees in past week

Luxury electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc fired about 400 employees this week, including associates, team leaders and supervisors, a former employee told Reuters on Friday. The dismissals were a result ... Read More »

Amazon would team up with Apple, Google on Alexa voice assistant Inc is willing to team up with competitors Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google if it would help improve customers’ experience with its Alexa voice-activated virtual assistant, an executive ... Read More »

Ukraine says cyber attack may happen in next few days

KIEV: The government of Ukraine, which was victim of a major cyber attack earlier this year, told businesses on Friday to make sure their networks were protected because of intelligence suggesting ... Read More »

War of words: Uber whistleblower and company HR chief clash online

It’s been eight months since former Uber engineer Susan Fowler upended the ride-hailing company with her explosive blog post accusing company managers of sexual harassment and sexism. But Uber’s new human resources chief, who ... Read More »

Hacking the election: security flaws need fixing, researchers say

WASHINGTON: Hackers could have easily infiltrated US voting machines in 2016 and are likely to try again in light of vulnerabilities in electronic polling systems, a group of researchers said on ... Read More »

Is your smartphone dumbing you down?

If your smartphone could speak its mind, this is what it would say: “I’m with stupid.” We all know that our mobile devices can distract us from tasks such as ... Read More »

Google, Facebook and Twitter scramble to hold Washington at bay

oogle summoned about 200 policy staff from around the world last month for a debate on whether the company’s size has made it too attractive as a target for government ... Read More »

Hulu orders four eSports shows

As well as a tournament recap show ESL Replay, Hulu’s four new eSports shows will cover the discipline’s defining moments, the trials of pro-team formation, and a topical news debate. Entering ... Read More »

No, your iPhone does not slow down with age: report

For years, the idea that an iPhone gets slower over time and software upgrades has been one of the longstanding myths in the Apple community. One study sought to bust ... Read More »

Is Mitsubishi about to evolve the Evo for the electric age?

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show Mitsubishi will be taking the wraps off something called the e-Evolution Concept, and it promises to pick up where the company’s legendary but now ... Read More »

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