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South-East Asia online economy seen reaching US$50bil in 2017

South-East Asia’s Internet economy, spanning online travel to ride-hailing, will reach US$50bil (RM204.18bil) this year, putting it on a solid trajectory to grow fourfold by 2025, according to a joint ... Read More »

To be safe, deactivate debugging mode on Android smartphones

The Android system’s debugging mode can be activated when your device is connected to a computer via USB cable. But even if you enjoy tinkering with your phone’s features, this ... Read More »

Here’s how to shut down the Internet: Snip undersea fibre-optic cables

WASHINGTON: Hundreds of thousands of miles of fibre-optic cable lay on the ocean floors, a crucial part of the global internet’s backbone, and only rarely do ship anchors, undersea landslides or ... Read More »

Bezos a US$100bil man as Amazon rises on cyber shopping

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was a US$100bil (RM412bil) man on Monday as the online retail colossus raked in cash from the holiday weekend’s cyber shopping spree. Forbes magazine’s real-time ranking ... Read More »

How US cable companies learned to love Netflix (or Hulu) and chill

Cable companies are settling on a new strategy to combat streaming services like Netflix and Hulu: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Comcast Corp and Charter Communications Inc, the ... Read More »

Artificial muscles give superpower to robots

Inspired by the folding technique of origami, US researchers said Monday they have crafted cheap, artificial muscles for robots that give them the power to lift up to 1,000 times ... Read More »

Audi launches its on-demand rental service in Hong Kong

Audi is continuing its drive towards becoming a premium mobility solutions provider and away from simply being a premium carmaker with the launch of Audi on Demand in Hong Kong. ... Read More »

Mafia spectre haunting Italy spreading to cyberspace

MILAN: A week after the death of Cosa Nostra boss Toto Riina, key figures in Italy’s judiciary and police have warned the mafia’s tentacles are extending into the virtual world. Gangrenous ... Read More »

Shell and carmakers aim to go the distance with highway charging

LONDON: Royal Dutch Shell has partnered with top carmakers to deploy ultra-fast chargers on Europe’s highways, stealing a march on rivals in the race to remove one of the biggest obstacles ... Read More »

Art ‘detectives’ probe what lies beneath a Fragonard

For decades, she was thought to have started out as a man. But a sketch uncovered at an obscure Parisian auction in 2012 triggered groundbreaking research that revealed the original ... Read More »

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